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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 20, 2014

Dear family,

It has been another great and busy week!  We had some great lessons this week and found a couple people to teach!  Some of them came to church and we have a couple of them wanting to be baptized.  Doesn't get much better than that!  

We found a family in the apartments in the ward and we were able to meet with them twice this week and they came to church.  We're not quite sure if they are going to stay there too long, but hopefully they will stay.  We were also able to meet with a family that we have been trying to work with for a while now.  The parents are inactive but the kids want to come to church.  We stopped by this week to teach them a lesson and we talked to the dad for a little bit.  He was telling us all about his mission and the different experiences he had.  It was great that we were able to talk to him and help him remember those experiences and miracles he saw on his mission.  He told us about how important prayer was on his mission.  It was cool to hear him basically bear his testimony.  After talking to the dad, we taught them the restoration and had pictures and showed the restoration video for the kids.  It turned out great!  The kids really want to come to church and the dad knows they need to start coming back.  

We also taught a lady who was taught by the missionaries about a year ago.  For one reason or another she stopped taking the lessons, but her fellowship still stayed in contact with her.  After many conversations with her fellowship this past year, she decided to take the lessons again and she committed to be baptized!  She has come to church the past two weeks with her kids and she is really prepared and ready.  When we had the lesson she was telling us about how she has been searching her entire life and feels that she has found it.  We have another lesson with her this week. 

So something happened this week that I never imagined would ever happen.  We had a lesson with L. last Monday.  We teach the lessons again after they are baptized to help them continue to learn, so we taught the restoration and we had a member of the ward come with us.  It was a good lesson and we ended with a prayer.  After we all stood up from our seats, L. said he had a question except it wasn't for us.  Then he turned to the sister in the ward that he has been dating and got on one knee and proposed!  They are getting married.  I never thought someone would propose after one of our lessons.  It was an interesting experience.  

We also had transfer meeting this week.  I'm glad that even when we don't get transferred we get together as a mission and basically have a small mission conference.  We also had a new missionary meeting for Elder Bartlett.  At the end of your first and second transfer you go to this meeting where the assistants give trainings.  So all the trainers go along.  More opportunities to learn!

We have another great week ahead of us.  Hopefully many lessons and both of our wards are having their fall festivals this week so hopefully we will get many people there! 

It has been a great week and I've learned a lot.  It's great to be a missionary!  I'm truly grateful that I have this opportunity.  Thanks for all of your prayers.  I love you all so much!  Have a great week!

Elder Joshua Gandy 

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