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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 20, 2014

Dear family,

The open house started on Saturday!  That doesn't really change anything for us since we are not helping at it, but it's all really exciting!  I'm really excited to see the temple, but we probably won't see it until after it's dedicated.  We're hoping to see some referrals coming in and finding more people interested in it.  Last week one of the news stations did a half hour program about the temple and the open house, so hopefully we will have some people asking us questions or wanting to know more.

We had a really great week!  We didn't have a lot of lessons planned this week, but we ended up having ten teaching opportunities.  We had one lesson with our investigator, and the rest were with recent converts and less active members.  Earlier this week I was reading Elder Ballards talk in this last general conference and in the talk he said, "If you want to teach more, you must talk to more people each day."  So that is what Elder Gardner and I worked on this week.  Normally we try to talk to at least ten people every day.  Since our area is mostly just neighborhoods we sometimes don't see a lot of people especially in the morning and at night (I think people think it's cold at night so they don't come out side usually even though it's only like 50 degrees).  So every week we have a goal of talking to 70 people, but this week we talked to 81.  This week we had a lot more teaching opportunities than we planned and we found 4 potential investigators.  I know that was because we talked to more people this week.  We also had a less active family invite us over for dinner, which usually doesn't happen.  The bishop asked us to visit this family but we have been unable to set up an appointment with them until this week.  One of our investigators also agreed to meet with us twice a week.

We visited the person that was baptized last week and as we met with her you could tell there was something different about her.  Ever since her baptism there is this new light about her and she is so happy even though she is going through a hard time with family and not having a job.  She came to church all by herself this week and she participated in class and everything!  Another investigator is also doing great and you can tell he wants this so much for his family.

I'm amazed every week at all the things I learn being a missionary.  There truly is no greater work than this!Thank you for all your prayer.  I love you all so much!

Love,Elder Joshua GandyP.S.  How is the missionary work going in our ward?

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