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Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014 Gilbert Temple Dedication

Dear family,
It has been an amazing week!  The Gilbert temple was dedicated yesterday.  At the dedication I was thinking about the whole experience with inviting people to the open house, teaching about temples, going to the open house, and the dedication.   As I thought about everything that has happened over the past couple months I am amazed at how much my testimony of temples has grown.  I love the temple and the blessings of the temple.  I'm so grateful that our family can be together forever.  I know the temple is the house of the Lord and I know we can feel close to Him as we go there.  I'm sad that the open house and dedication are over, but the pheonix temple should be opening later this year.  It's not in my mission and I believe it is about an hour away, but I hope that we get to do some similar things when that open house comes around.
The cultural celebration was held at a huge park across the street from the temple.  It hasn't rained here for around 70 days (from what I've heard) and everyone has been praying for rain.  So the one day it rains here ends up being the same day as the cultural celebration.  It started raining really hard that evening, but they went ahead and did the performance anyways.  We watched it at the stake center so we didn't get wet, but you could see everyone there was very wet.  It still went very well and all the youth did a great job.  If you want to see it you can probably find it online somewhere.
We found a new investigator this week and she is already on date to be baptized!  She is very interested and is loving everything that she is taught.  She has asked us a couple times why doesn't everyone believe this.  She should be baptized later this month.  This is another time that it was perfect timing for us to stop by.  She actually is friends with a member in the ward who has invited her several times to meet with us, but she has always canceled or wanted to put it off.  We stopped by the member's house one day and she told us how her friend just broke her right arm and can't drive because her car is a stick shift.  She hasn't been able to go anywhere so it was kind of hard to say she didn't have time.  She has been going through a hard time and it was the perfect time to start teaching her.
I'm so grateful for this chance that I have to be a missionary.  Thank you for all of your prayers!  I love you all so much!
Elder Joshua Gandy

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